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Solid Blue

Every day is a new discovery for your baby, so why not wrap your child in the lush, minky softness of the brushed baby blue babyAboo blanket? With ultra-plush fabric and a silky satin trim, we're pretty sure this will be your baby's favorite blue blankie. From the precious sleep of a newborn to the tiny stampede of baby feet, this minky blanket will follow your baby through the most important moments of his young life. With durable construction and easy-clean instructions, there's nothing you won't love about your babyAboo!

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Vanessa
    Bought this for my 3 month old nephew. and i feel even better about it because CareAboo donates blankets to a charity too!
  • Author: Ella
    Just ordered 2 Solid blue blankets for my sons (Twins) they are going to LOVE nap time now.

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