Burping Your Baby

Burp blankets are a necessity for parenthood when burping your babyBabies burp to help them free up air trapped in their stomach. Burping lets your baby’s tummy have extra room so they can feed longer. In order to help your baby, it’s important to find out what your baby needs. Babies are different in their burping needs.

You should try burping your baby if they seem uncomfortable while feeding, become wiggly, or begin to cry. You can try burping your baby in between breasts for nursing mothers or in between bottles. Around 4-6 months, your baby will become a better eater and will outgrow burping.

The Process of Burping your Baby

When burping your baby, there are several options. The first is to try the chest or shoulder. Hold your baby so that their little chin is resting on your shoulder, support their body with one hand and lightly tap their back or rub their back in a circular motion. You can also shift your baby up a bit higher so that their chest is parallel to your shoulder. This should only be done once your baby is a bit older so that they have proper head and neck control. You should also check in the mirror or ask your partner to check that they are breathing comfortably.

The second is to try sitting the baby on your lap. Place your baby on your lap facing away from you. Let the baby lean forward onto your fingers. Your hand should be on the baby’s chest, lightly supporting her chin and jaw. Make sure that the baby can breathe easily. Gently rub their back.

At CareAboo, baby burp cloths are available in a beautiful silver coloring with smooth muslin cotton trim. Each burpAboo is made with the softest materials and is the perfect size (10” x 18”) to drape over your shoulder. Let yourself relax as spit-up stays away from your clothes and your baby latches onto the soft, silky burp cloth.

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