Swaddling Your Baby

A great way to help your child sleep more secure is by swaddling your baby.Babies can have a difficult time sleeping so many new mothers employ many different methods to help them sleep including swaddling. Swaddling helps the baby feel safe and keeps them from startling themselves. It also helps eliminate the amount of bedding in the crib making it safer for the baby and ensuring that they will not suffocate. CareABoo blankets make an ideal option for swaddling your child.
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Minky Blankets for Traveling

traveling_blanketSitting in the airport waiting to get on a red eye with a young toddler on your lap — sound familiar? For toddlers, children, and adults, traveling can be a stressful and tiring experience. There is so much anticipation and excitement about arriving at the final destination, but plenty of planning and financial matters to consider before you get there. Not to mention the freezing airplanes and lack of a soft place to rest your head for a nap.  Minky blankets can help ease the tensions of a long trip.
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Picking Out the Best Baby Gifts

babygiftsNew life is a time for celebration. When a baby is born into the family, it’s important to celebrate this wonderful event, and the tradition in most cultures is to provide the family with baby gifts. These baby gifts are typically intended to help the family provide for the new baby and commemorate the event itself. Making sure that you get the right gift can make a world of difference in demonstrating your closeness to the family and make their transition into parenthood a little easier.
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Innovative Charitable Efforts Helping Children

We think of innovation as something for science and technology – or maybe even cutthroat business practices. However, there is no reason that charitable efforts can’t also be innovative. In fact, there are some amazing efforts out there looking to improve the lives of children in need. These are some of the biggest and most intriguing options out there for charitable work for children. Continue reading