Swaddling Your Baby

A great way to help your child sleep more secure is by swaddling your baby.Babies can have a difficult time sleeping so many new mothers employ many different methods to help them sleep including swaddling. Swaddling helps the baby feel safe and keeps them from startling themselves. It also helps eliminate the amount of bedding in the crib making it safer for the baby and ensuring that they will not suffocate. CareABoo blankets make an ideal option for swaddling your child.
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Burping Your Baby

Burp blankets are a necessity for parenthood when burping your babyBabies burp to help them free up air trapped in their stomach. Burping lets your baby’s tummy have extra room so they can feed longer. In order to help your baby, it’s important to find out what your baby needs. Babies are different in their burping needs.

You should try burping your baby if they seem uncomfortable while feeding, become wiggly, or begin to cry. You can try burping your baby in between breasts for nursing mothers or in between bottles. Around 4-6 months, your baby will become a better eater and will outgrow burping.
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Safety Nets, Child Attachment, and Your Sanity

12One of the classic baby gifts is a baby blanket. The baby blanket is warm, comforting, and often something that the baby will become attached to if the baby sleeps with it regularly. Parents have different ideas as to what should be done with child attachment and safety nets. Some want to avoid the hassle that will likely come later when the child must give up the blanket while others just want to avoid the temper tantrums that come if the blanket gets lost. The solution for both of these problems and maintaining your sanity, however, are surprisingly similar.
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