Decorate Your Home With Throws

throws are a great way to decorate any houseA lovely home deserves to be decorated and one of the best ways to decorate your home is through adorable throws. Throws are great for snuggling up with as you watch TV or re-discover a favorite old book.

In order to make your room pop, choose a throw blanket in a color and material that match your existing décor, but that perhaps adds something extra such as a patterned throw for a plain couch. Throws can help add a fun vibrant touch to a space or help blend in the chocolate in the walls with the blue in the couch.

Decorate Your Living Room

Everyone loves a draped throw. Take a decorate throw and drape it over your couch or reading chair. You can opt for a cleaner look with a folded throw, or let it drape haphazardly over the top for a bit of an edgy look. Perhaps add a few decorative pillows as well to create an uber-comfy space.

Decorate Your Bedroom

Another fun idea can be to add a throw to the end of the bed. Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with a throw before they fall asleep or make seating more luxuriously plush? Just as in the living room, a throw can also help tie in colors or create a new look through a unique touch. Be sure to check out different patterns and textures as well as colors. Those differences can add a lot to the overall décor of the room.

Softness to Decorate Your Home

At CareAboo, our throw blankets are not only beautiful to look at, but luxuriously soft to the touch. Animal-friendly and in dozens of different sizes, we have something for each member of the family. Our Mink Throw blanket is a beautiful rich deep chocolate and mimics the look of luxury. With the large size 56” by 70” the whole family can snuggle up together.

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