How to Solve Babies Messy Moments By Using a Burp Cloth

12Anyone that has ever handled a baby or been around one understands the importance of a burp cloth. For those of you who haven’t used a burp cloth while caring for a baby, the best way to describe a burping cloth and it’s use as a “catch all” for babies.

Burp cloths can be used to wipe the baby’s mouth, protect the clothes of the person that is holding the baby, clean up spills when the baby gets older, serve as a bib, and much more. We often associate the burping cloth as only being beneficial for babies but most parents have found that the burp cloth is the baby gift that keeps on giving and can be throughout a child’s toddler years and life as a kid.  Other practical benefits that BurpAboo’s and baby blankets serve include:

Less Laundry:

Using the burping cloth as a “catch all” for your clothes and the babies clothes will also save on costs laundry. Even if you have one of those children that spits up all the time these cloths will still save on the amount of laundry you have to do, the amount of detergent you will buy, and of course your bills.

Less Cleaning:

The baby cloth not only helps to protect clothing from spit up and other baby spills but it also helps to reduce the time it may take you to have to clean up after the baby. Rather than having to change you and the babies clothing you can just remove the burping cloth and throw it in the washing machine to be washed.

Staying Clean While Burping:

Keeping a burping cloth handy will save your clothes and the clothes of anyone else that decides to hold the baby. As most of us know a baby gives no warning they just spit up. One of the most common times for a baby to spit up is while being burped. This is where the burping cloth actually got its name. Because of the shape of the burp cloth it allows you to not only protect your clothing but it is big enough to gather up the mess rather than have it scattered everywhere.

Having said how useful burp cloths or BurpAboo’s are, everyone loves to spoil babies but not at the expense of being spit up on or knowing that their clothes may wind up soiled. It is a courtesy and a convenience for parents to always have several burping cloths in the baby’s diaper bag therefore don’t wait, make sure your baby has clean burp cloths at all times.

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