Innovative Charitable Efforts Helping Children

We think of innovation as something for science and technology – or maybe even cutthroat business practices. However, there is no reason that charitable efforts can’t also be innovative. In fact, there are some amazing efforts out there looking to improve the lives of children in need. These are some of the biggest and most intriguing options out there for charitable work for children.

First Book

Literacy is a crucial development for every person and building the right foundation for good reading starts exceptionally early. You can probably remember your favorite book as a child and how near and dear it was to your heart. In fact, if you pulled that book out today, you’d probably flip through it fondly with some nostalgia. Sadly, several children don’t have good access to books and they don’t have the ability to start building a foundation for literacy that will help them be successful. First Book attempts to right this problem. With incredibly low costs, so much of donated money goes directly to book, the confidence of donors is exceptionally high. Every $1 donated leads to $10 of books donated. To date, over 60 million free and low cost books have been distributed by First Book.

Donors Choose

When a governmental budget gets cut, it is up to that government to determine where the money comes from. Sadly, education is often the target of these cuts, reducing the amount of money spent in preparing the next generation. It is hard to donate money directly to education because most donors have no idea exactly where their money will go, so there is absolutely no donor confidence. Yet there are many people who would give money to the cause if they knew where the money would go. This is where Donors Choose comes in. This website allows teachers to post their needs for the classroom, from equipment to field trips to just about anything. They explain their reason directly to donors. After the project has been fulfilled, the teacher posts a picture of the results of the project, often with student commentary.

There has been a recent trend where profitable organizations regularly contribute to charity. This becomes part and parcel of their business model and it really appeals to customers. One of the leading innovators in this model is Another one of the most important things from our early childhood is our baby blanket. We all loved our blankets, giving them names, perhaps carrying them around a little longer than we should have. For a parent, buying your child an amazing baby blanket that is both comfortable and durable is ideal. offers some of the best blankets for children anywhere around. However, the appeal of the business does not end there. For every blanket purchased by a consumer, a brand new blanket will be donated to charity. This way, one knows that when you purchase a new baby blanket for your child, another blanket will be given to a child in need, basically enabling two blankets to be purchased for one.

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