Summer Fun with the Family

a picnic is a great way to have some summer fun with your childrenSummertime is a time of fun for children with the stress or frustration of school gone and open-ended days for endless playtime. In fact, summertime can be one of the best times to be together as a family with your children’s more open schedules. Here is a list of family activities to share with your gang for some summer fun.


A picnic is a great way to spend time together as a family. Gather up everyone’s favorite foods and set out in your backyard or travel to a new park destination. Kids will love being able to hop over to the swings after a delicious lunch. Another fun idea is to have a “dessert picnic” with treats instead of a meal. The treats can be a sugary and nutritious mix such as cookies and almonds. Bringing along a CareABoo blanket is perfect to create a sitting area.


If your children are into movies, this is a great summer fun option. You can either choose to take a trip to the movie theater or rent a film to watch at home. Going to the movie theater can be a fun event and can also fit well within a tight budget. Make sure to bring along a CareABoo blanket for little ones to snuggle up in as many movie theaters tend to be a bit chilly in the summer as they overcompensate for the heat with too much AC.

Summer Fun Beach Day

Taking your children to the beach is an affordable way to enjoy the nice weather and enhance the summer fun.Do we even need to explain beach day? Almost all children love the beach and it can be a cost effective choice for parents struggling to stay within a tight budget. Bring a CareABoo blanket along for the little ones to sit on. CareABoo has soft, luxurious blankets that will protect your baby from the sand. Or use it to wrap up your wet older children to protect the material in your car.

There are as many options for summer fun as there are ideas. Sit down with your family and figure out what activities everyone wants to do. Make sure that each child gets to have input and schedule a special event for each one. This is a fun way to make the trips special and rewarding for each child individually. And don’t forget —CareaABoo blankets are a great item to bring along on your fun-filled summer family events.

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