Utilizing Your Old Blankets

There are many different uses for old blankets, and  a blanket fort is just one of many great applications.It’s possible to get rid of your old, worn blanket by dropping it off at the local Goodwill or tossing it in your trash bin. However, old blankets have a variety of uses and learning to make the most of them can save you money.


A great way to recycle a blanket is to use it for your pet. Pets don’t care about the color, shape, size, or stuffing of the blanket. Small pocket animals such as hamsters or gerbils also enjoy tearing apart old cotton or wool blankets as nesting.


During the winter, old blankets can cover the windshield to avoid ice buildup and keep the windshield from cracking or getting additionally damaged. It can also be used for emergencies by being kept in the trunk. In snow areas, blankets can help get a car out of a ditch as well.

Beach Blanket

If you’re a beach going person, the blanket can be used on the seat to keep water and sand from getting on the nice upholstery. It can also help contain sand by placing the blanket over the ground of the vehicle.

An old blanket can also be used to create a fun knotted blanket for a small child. You can cut strips around the edges of each blanket and then tie two blankets together. This creates the knotted look and feel.

A Fort from Old Blankets

Children love using old blankets for toys. They can use the blankets to create a fun fort in the living room and let the blankets be the catalyst for imagination development. Children need to play and use their imagination and old blankets are the perfect inexpensive imagination booster.

Recycling your blankets can save you money and provide you with a number of new possibilities.  When it’s time for you to be looking for a new blanket, contacting CareAboo and inquiring about their plush minky blankets, or visiting their website can be a great solution.

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