When is the Best Time to Give to Your Favorite Charity?

Charitable DonationsDo you know when the best time of the year it is to donate to your favorite charity? The problem is selecting the right charity and knowing when is best to give your donation. Should you give during the holiday season or some other time? Is there a best time to donate? Does the method of donating matter?

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas and New Year’s is the most popular time to donate. People are overcome with the generosity of the season, so they are more likely to donate. It is also true that the needy can use the help on Christmas and New Year just as they can during any other time of the year. There are also other seasonal factors to consider, especially during the winter. It’s colder outside so shelters are more full, and there are more people who come inside to soup lines and Good Will stores.

The question, of course, is should you give during this time of year? Would it be better to donate another time of year when most people don’t feel the generosity they feel during the holiday season? There isn’t really a “best” time of year to donate. If you choose to donate during the holiday season, the charities will be able to use your money just as effectively as they would during a slower time of the year.

The exception is a natural disaster. After a natural disaster, charities expend more money than any other time. This means they need funds to replenish their stocks. Every year, there are several natural disasters, so if you really don’t think the holiday season is the best time, wait until after a disaster to donate time or money.

Don’t Forget About the Summer

The summer time can be brutal, too, especially for the homeless and those living on a very limited income. Many charities take fans as donations as a relatively inexpensive way to beat the heat.

Time or Money?

There are many ways you can give to charity, but the two main ways are time and money. You can choose to volunteer or you can choose to give money. The less popular choice is the time method, since most people have their own lives to live and don’t have the time to donate, so they just give money. There is no right way. If you have the time to donate, then find a charity that can use your talents. If you don’t have time, then donate some amount of money to a charity that you deem worthy of your support.

One way of helping out those who are in need is to give blood at your local Red Cross center. This only takes a half hour or so, and costs nothing, so do it if you feel the need to give to charity but don’t have a lot of time or money.

There’s Always a Need for Charity

Giving to charity is one of the best feelings you can experience. If you have the means, then you should consider finding a way to give to charity, whether it’s time or money. Charities almost always need money and volunteers, so you won’t be turned away.

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