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Solid Blue

Part dream, half fancy, these home throws are made of 100% careAboo ultra-plush fabric, so minky deep that you'll lose yourself inside them. Brushed plush offers lightweight warmth and easy comfort with a silky satin border. Easy clean instructions make this baby blue throw the perfect companion for the sofa, lounge chair or bedroom. Big enough to share, you're sure to love your careAboo!

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kirsten
    OK! so it is unbelievable how much these blankets have helped me getting my children to have their naps. Before it was always a struggle but they just love their new plushAboo's. THANK YOU!
  • Author: LyndaB
    Cute color and they are so big.
  • Author: Megan
    I love how these blankets are big enough for my children to sleep with and perfect for my husband and I to have over us while watching TV.

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