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Solid Chocolate

Is there anything more comforting than the rich chocolate and ultra-plush depth of this minky lounge blanket? We don't think so. With an elegant drape, lush texture and cuddle softness that is truly huggable, you're sure to fall in love with this essential home accessory. Machine washable fabrics and easy-clean instructions make this blanket a dream come true!

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sharon
    These blankets are great! My husband and I love watching cartoons with my 2 sons in the morning all snuggled up together under our plushAboo.
  • Author: Tammy
    These blankets are so much bigger then I expected. I am inlove with mine!
  • Author: Chloe, CA
    I love these blankets! Thank you for including a charity donation.

Our price: $119.00
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