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Solid Pink

Sweet dreams begin with babyAboo, and this soft pink baby blanket is the perfect ticket to dreamland. Give your child the personal touch of careAboo's minky pink blankie with matching satin trim. This crib-size blanket is oh-so-soft and luxurious to feel, but is durable and easy to clean, so you won't mind when your baby starts to take it out of bed, into the car, and everywhere else baby will soon go!

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kiana, AUS
    WOW shipping time was unbelievably speedy. So soft love these.
  • Author: Geena
    Absolutely LOVE these blankets! Giving them as gifts to all my friends and family from now on.
  • Author: Kelly NY
    My daughter fell in love with the CareAboo video and added the Solid Pink blanket to her Christmas letter for Santa. These blankets are beautiful.

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